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I've moved to a new blog!
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I don't know if I have any leftover traffic on this blog, but just in case I did, I wanted to share my new link so you can find me if you so desire! Note: it is a completely different type of blog with different topics. The new blog will still share a bit of an air of "natural living" because that is part of who I am (hehe!).. BUT. It's more art-oriented. You will be able to find recipes, fashion, mori kei & lolita stuff (japanese fashions), thrift shop hauls, crochet, knitting, book reviews, beauty reviews & tutorials, arts & crafts tutorials, and more. So follow the linke & go see my new blog!

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Happy Belated Birthday!

We officially have a 2-year-old!

I can't believe its been 2 full years since your birth. My baby is turning into a little man! *sob*

I'm 2 months late posting this, since his birthday was June 19th, although I meant to post it on his birthday. I've just been swept up by things... I've kind of left my blog in the dust, but that's okay.

Happy Half-Birthday!

6 months have already gone by since you left my belly in exchange for my arms.

My gorgeous baby girl.

You're getting so big, & so full of chubby baby rolls.

You're taking your first bites. Mmm banana!

You can sit up and roll around. Sometimes even getting up on your hands and knees!

You're always full of bright, beautiful smiles.

And you're the most precious thing when you sleep.

I'm so afraid of these baby memories getting blurry over time.

I often wish you would stay this little forever.

I love you Loddle Doddle.