I'm disconnecting from the internet for a while. I need to re-center myself. I need more time to focus on my family, enjoy my pregnancy, prepare for my baby girl, and free my mind. There are far more important things in life - things that I know I need to give more of myself to. I love blogging, but it's one of the things I need to let go of for the time being. As always, thank you for reading <3

Whip It Up Wednesday #3 - Baby Ruffle Pants

I'm writing this post pretty late in the day because I've been extremely busy. I haven't actually had a chance to sit down and write until now, and it's 12:45am. Nicholas and I slept in - until 11:45, in fact. (Best baby ever!) And after I woke up, I spent the morning rushing around to get the two of us fed and ready because I had an OB appointment 30 minutes away. Then the wait at my appointment was nearly 2 hours long due to a delivery. Of course, full of energy after a good night's sleep, Nicholas took the opportunity to show off by entertaining the entire waiting room with his antics - spinning in circles, screaming, laughing, running, falling down. The little ham loved the attention. The only point at which he was still was when I sat him down with a snack. I'm exhausted -_-

I just had a quick check-up of vitals, and we heard baby girl's heartbeat. Just the usual. And I'm still at my pre-pregnancy weight. After the appointment, we came home for a late lunch, and before we knew it we were heading out the door yet again to pick up my husband from work.

When we finally got home for good, all I wanted was a nice, long yoga session. I had been dying to do yoga since I was forced to take a sick day on Tuesday. (Terrible all-day migraine / tension headache - I'll spare you the details.) When I go days without practice, I can feel the difference emotionally. I feel so moody. I apologize for putting yoga before an on-time blog post, but I doubt anyone wants to read a post from the moody me...

Belated or not, I am now sitting here winding down from my day by writing this post with my newest obsession by my side: jasmine green tea. Oh, you think regular green tea is good? You have no idea. It may just be a pregnancy craving, but I'm in love with this stuff.

Anyway, after my long and busy day, for this week's Whip It Up Wednesday, I'll just be sharing my newest little creation: a pair of baby ruffle-leg pants! And guess what - you can make your very own pair with this free pattern!

With my lack of a model at the moment, here is the photo of the finished product.

And a close-up of the fabric and a leg ruffle.

I found the pattern for these baby ruffle pants on Pinterest and decided to try it since I already had the materials on hand. Yeah, my mom gave me a box full of old, unused fabric along with 2 boxes full of thread. The fabric box mostly consists of smaller scraps, but I happened to have nearly 6 yards of this fabric. It's perfect for pattern-testing!! It only took about 2 hours to finish these. They were pretty simple. I'm definitely making more!

Thanks for joining me again for Whip It Up Wednesday! Don't forget to link-up!

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A Few New Things

My mind has been totally blah lately. I can't seem to get my thoughts in order for a decent post. Plus, I've been a bit sick of the internet. I don't mind. It leaves more time for me to spend with my son. Gah I love his sweet little cheeks! It has made me a little more productive, too. I finished a sweet chunky-yarn ruffle blankie for my daughter and my husband's Marvel pillow. I've also begun knitting a pair of cute little baby leg warmers and sewing some ruffled baby pants. Ashtanga is as usual. I'm learning Marichyasana at the moment, & oh man, I can feel it in my obliques.

But with my lack of a wordful post, I thought I would share a few photos. Don't laugh, I'm not claiming to be a professional photographer or anything. They were taken with my iPad mini and edited with the Aviary photo editor app. Alas, here they are for your viewing pleasure:

A snuggly blanket for baby girl.

This is what happens when you leave your knitting within reach of little hands...

My new yoga mat came during naptime! I love it.

I had a bit of time to put it to use with Ushtrasana (Camel Pose).
It needs work. My legs should be as straight as in the first photo. 
Back bending isn't one of my strong points because 1. I'm pregnant, and 2. I have scoliosis.

Of course, when Nicholas woke up, he had to check it out. 
He decided it was a good place to spin in circles :P

And a sneak-peek for this week's Whip It Up Wednesday post ;)

Happy Monday!!