Homemade Cloth Diapers & New Paleo Diet

This is my first post in quite a while. I just started feeling a little, eh, well, uninterested in blogging. And I'm really firm on doing things that I want to do in my free time. It really didn't help that we have yet to fix my laptop. I love my iPad, but blogging is easier on the computer. But now I feel like posting a little, so here we go:

I don't even know where to start. Oh! The baby is a girl! Is it arrogant to say that I knew it? Cause I did! Seriously, don't underestimate mother's intuition. Anyway, I've been busy with pregnancy and birth plans, projects, changes, etc. But for one, I'm trying to cook healthier food for us. We eat decent food to begin with, I've just been improving it. I started by trying out vegan meals like sweet potato burgers, mexican quinoa casserole (which is freaking delicious!), veggie quesadillas, and more that I, personally, loved. But of course, my anti-vegan husband never fails to complain. So I've decided to take a different approach to healthy eating: Paleo. I'm hoping it will satisfy my meat-loving man. And I love the fact that it cuts out all processed foods and sugar! Aside from natural sugars.

What's on my menu plan (as soon as we get off our butts and go grocery shopping, that is) ...? Tuna salad, roast, grilled chicken, bacon-wrapped chicken, cilantro & lime cauliflower "rice", veggie omelettes, sweet potato apple mash, and a few other things. All of which you can find recipes for on my Pinterest board: Paleo Things. Plus, I plan on finding a good chocolate recipe with unsweetened cocoa powder because little miss is making me crave chocolate oh so badly. Hopefully I'll be able to post about one of my "successes", aka a meal that everyone enjoys.

In other exciting news! I don't remember if I actually ever mentioned this in my blog, but I was planning on making a few homemade cloth diapers a few months back. I made 2, but they sat around forever because I never got around to ordering snaps and snap pliers to finish them. But I finally did! I got my snaps today, and finally, FINALLY got these things on the bum.

He loves the Star Wars diaper. My husband actually picked out that fabric. And applying the snaps was surprisingly easy. I'm working on a newborn fitted now, in a super pretty blue & white koi print! The on-sale fat quarters at Joann's are perfect for newborn diapers. 

By the way... Enjoy the blurry pictures, I think they're here to stay. Lately, these baby legs refuse to be still. With his first steps, his independence has increased tenfold. I feel like he never wants to sit and cuddle mama anymore!

I have a few other projects on my plate, as well. But I'll save them for another post, whenever that may be. Plus I'm too preoccupied, and well, lazy to network for this blog at the moment. But I'll leave you with a little link to a neat Cloth Diaper Giveaway Roundup (updated every Friday), from Change-Diapers.com. Just because free cloth diapers are awesome.

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